The passion behind Small Things

In the beginning, I started Small Things Veterinary House Calls as a way to have the best of two worlds.  I wanted to continue practicing veterinary medicine, since it was my first passion in life and the first dream I ever achieved.  And I wanted to keep being a stay-at-home mom, a surprisingly fulfilling passion which arrived with the entrance of my son into the world.  Both reasons for starting a house call veterinary practice are good, solid, and admirable.  But they are not the end of the story.


About three months into my new business venture, I realized that it was time to flesh out the true heart and purpose of my practice.  I was inspired by other successful veterinarians and small business owners, the way every ‘business’ decision they made reflected their passion – the ‘heart’ of their business.  I believe, and have for a very long time, that you should do what you love, and hopefully make some money while doing it.  So I set out to write my mission and my vision for the practice that is my passion.  My intention in sharing this with you, dear reader, is so that you might come to know me a little better as your veterinarian, for I am sharing with you a little piece of my heart.


Here is the official, business-y version:

The mission of Small Things Veterinary House Calls, LLC is to provide veterinary care and expertise in all life stages and in all aspects of health for dogs and cats through fear-free and convenient house calls, and to be the community’s referral veterinarian of choice when pets are in need of in-home care. The ultimate goal and heart of this service, the vision, is to strengthen and support the human-animal bond through relationship with pets, pet owners, and the community.


And here is what I want you to see when you read the above statement:


I love being a veterinarian.  I am driven to be the best veterinarian I can possibly be.  I love taking care of your furry angels.  I put a huge amount of effort into helping them feel comfort and calm in my hands.  I love getting to know you and your family, hearing your questions and concerns, giving you guidance as you provide the best care that you can for your pets, laughing with you and crying with you.  It is my great privilege and blessing to be a part of your lives, to support and encourage you as you love and bond with your furry babies.  


These are the true, bone-deep, heart-felt reasons why I practice veterinary medicine.  Even the story behind the name of this practice reflects my heart to you.  It is an homage to Mother Teresa, who wisely said:

 Small things with great love… that is my mission.

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