Dr. D Recommends: Catification


“Dr. D Recommends…” is a sporadic presentation of something I love (or just like a lot) that pertains to pets and/or veterinary-type stuff.  Something I think you might also like or find useful.


Or it might be silly.  That happens around here sometimes.





It’s a made-up word that means “making small changes to your living environment that benefit the cats you reside with”.  It was coined by the wonderful Jackson Galaxy, a cat-whisperer who got his start in Boulder, CO.


If you’ve seen any of Jackson’s popular Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell”, you know that he has an uncanny ability to understand cats and their specific environmental needs. In the book Catification, Jackson explains how to give your cat opportunities to practice their natural instinctive behaviors to climb, scratch, and rest safely in your home, while still maintaining a stylish and comfortable home for the humans who live there.  His ideas range from simple DIY to fancy store-bought, and everything in between.


If you have a cat, you have probably heard me talk about environmental enrichment for their mental well-being. Cats have very specific and instinctive needs that we can accommodate fairly easily in our homes.  Without opportunities to climb, scratch, play, rest and own their space, cats will develop behavioral and medical problems.


I love this book, and here’s why:

  1. Jackson explains the most common personalities of cats, including my personal favorites – the tree-dwellers vs the bush-dwellers.
  2. He helps cat people determine what, if any, issue is plaguing their feline roommates, and how to remedy most situations with easy solutions.
  3. He empowers and encourages cat people to live freely with their felines, embracing what we love most about them and improving the human to cat bond.
  4. There are so many amazing ideas that are quick and easy to implement, right now!  In fact, right after I read this book, I immediately gave my kitties a couple new beds (which I made myself) and some new toys.  My home is in a constant state of improvement for the kitties’ benefit.

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If you have a cat, go pick up this book from your library or purchase it for your future reference! Also, this would be a perfect gift for the cat-lover or veterinarian in your life… just sayin’.



Do you have a cat with behavioral and/or medical issues, and you are ready for some professional help?  Give Dr. D a call – she does in-home consultations!


Dr. D Recommends… All Dogs Go To Kevin


I thought I might start a new category of blog articles for you, just for the fun of it.

“Dr. D Recommends…” will be a sporadic presentation of something I love (or just like a lot) that pertains to pets and/or veterinary-type stuff.  Something I think you might also like or find useful.

Or it might be silly.  That happens around here sometimes.

For this first installment, allow me to present to you the following book for your consideration:


All Dogs Go To Kevin by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang


All Dogs Go To Kevin is a memoir written by fellow veterinarian Dr. Jessica Vogelsang.  Dr. V provides in-home hospice care for dogs and cats, founded the website Pawcurious.com, and writes for several other media outlets.

From the cover:

All Dogs Go To Kevin is a humorous and touching memoir that will appeal to anyone who has ever loved an animal… It reminds us, with gentle humor and honesty, why we put up with the pee on the carpet, the chewed-up shoes, and the late-night trips to the vet: because the animals we love so much can, in fact, change our lives.

Why I Love It

Because Dr. Vogelsang is a veterinarian, I found a kindred spirit in her stories about veterinary school and working in a veterinary clinic.  Her anecdotes about veterinary practice feel very familiar to those in the field; she does a fabulous job of weaving together the truths, challenges, and compassion of what we do every day.

However, her memoir doesn’t alienate the layperson, but rather brings them alongside in the journey to becoming a vet.

Dr. V is not just a veterinarian; she is also a dog person, a pet lover, a mom and wife.  She includes bits of her life that resonated with me on so many levels.

The struggle of balancing motherhood and the veterinary career.

The joys, frustrations, and heartache of being a pet owner.

The way it feels when you have a dog-shaped hole in your heart that can’t be filled by anything other than a big slobbery beast.

And how your spouse often rolls their eyes at your constantly bleeding, pet-loving, heart.

I don’t read very many books from the “yet another pet book” category, but this one got my curiosity peaked, and once I started I couldn’t put it down.  It was a breath of fresh air, a validation of what I hold dear, and full of giggles and tears.  It was like reading James Herriot again, modernized for my generation.

If you’re a pet lover, I think you’ll like this.  If you read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!